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New Zealand's weather is highly interchangeable, especially when roaming the great outdoors. Wearing Line 7 Terrain's range of specialist outdoors gear, you'll be kept dry and comfortable, whatever the conditions.

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Anyone that has ever visited New Zealand will know that the country's weather can change as often as we change our socks, and sometimes even more quickly than that. Though Aotearoa doesn't get oppressively hot or bone-chillingly cold, it's still prone to bouts of extremely diverse weather, creating the need for outstanding all weather clothing. This is because New Zealand is situated on two relatively small islands, separated from the next landmass by thousands of kilometres of deep, open water. 

This lends us a maritime climate, which explains why our nation is so subject to rapidly changing conditions. What's more, despite New Zealand's relatively small size, the climate can oscillate wildly, depending on which part of the country you happen to be in. Up in the furthest reaches of Northland, the mercury can hit the heights on par with a subtropical climate, whereas the fields of Otago can sometime freeze under sub-zero temperatures, so world class outdoors gear becomes a necessity.

This climate diversity isn't just limited to to the north and south, as the east and west can endure opposite fronts, too. It's not uncommon for the sapphire sea to be gently lapping the eastern shores of the island, whilst at the same time, mountainous waves batter the 'wild' coast of the west.

This unpredictable weather calls for the very best in all weather clothing, and with Line 7 Terrain, you've come across the masters of outdoors gear. 

Our broad range of waterproof clothing spans a huge spectrum of different lines, from the all-round,premium quality of the Territory, through the lightweight, technical excellence of the Peak collection. No matter which of our wet weather gear you decide to go with, you can purchase safe in the knowledge that your new outdoors clothing has been painstakingly constructed to meet demanding quality control examinations, with keeping dry, comfortable and warm at the very frontier of our philosophy.

With over 50 years of hard-earned experience in the all weather clothing industry, Line 7 Terrain is perfectly positioned to craft outdoors gear of only the very highest quality. That's because, over those five decades, we've accumulated a healthy bank of knowledge and know how that allows us to push innovation and creativity to even greater levels, resulting in the most respected wet weather gear that money can buy.




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